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New!  Wood pellets for woodstoves and animal bedding.








New! - Wood Pellets

If your browser doesn't support redirection, please click on the following link to go to the Great Lakes Lumber Company specialized pellet and pellet grill site. http://pelletproduct.com

Great Lakes Lumber Company has gone green! We are recycling our dried sawdust and shavings into a compressed wood pellet that is ideal for use in wood stoves and fireplaces that burn corn, soybeans, or wood pellets. Premium wood pellets create less than 1% ash which means more heat for you and less waste. Standard pellets create less than 3% ash. Wood pellets burn more efficiently and take up one third the storage space of wood. Pellet fuel has been proven to provide the cleanest burn of any solid fuel. This environmentally friendly and renewable source of heat has a history of stable pricing. No worries about soaring oil prices!

In addition to wood pellets for heating, we also carry pellets specifically manufactured for animal bedding. These shavings are compressed into a pellet form which is more absorbent than just using shavings. Since the manure is easier to clean up and less bedding is removed, many horse and dairy owners have discovered that using the pelletted animal bedding actually reduces labor and bedding costs.

Two fine wood pellet manufacturers, Index Energy and Great Lakes Renewable Energy, maker of the Lumber Jack brand, supply us with our pellets and animal bedding And BBQ Pellets. As a result Great Lakes Lumber Company has become a large dealer serving Minnesota and Wisconsin from one bag to 24-ton truck loads; we can help you out!

Email Jason at JasonRoss5756@msn.com or phone 763-444-5756 to get more information and take advantage of these new products. Great Lakes Lumber Company is conveniently located about one hour north of the Twin Cities in Minnesota. Map and Directions.


Wood pellets available for every need!





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